The Hope is in the Science

Fiesta 5K 2019


In 2014 we lost a loving mother / spouse / mother-in-law to the ravages of ALS.  Barbara's remarkable spirit and indominatable will to live could not overcome the effects of this terrible disease.  There were no effective treatments available for Barb, but this situation is changing rapidly - fundemental studies by Packard scientists (and others) have rapidly advanced our understanding of ALS and opened up very promising approaches to treatments, and potentialy even to cures!!  

PLEASE donate generously to help complete the studies needed to take the science into the clinic!!


PS: We are Team &Cecils, because Barb's family nickname was always "Beanie", and those of a certain age may remember Beanie and Cecil on the TV!  Even though none of us are seasick sea serpents (to the best of our knowledge!) we are proud to bear the name &Cecils!

&Cecils Raised
James Lay $825.00
Tim Lay $100.00
Team Gifts $575.00
Denotes a Team Captain