The Hope is in the Science

Fiesta 5K 2019

Zubrod Zoo

We are all friends and family who believe our efforts with donation of time or money, will help one day find a cure for this illness.

Remembering Gloria (Kay) Zubrod

Zubrod Zoo Raised
Angel Zubrod $35.00
Teresa Boudet $470.00
Jennifer Craig $35.00
Matthew Craig $35.00
Hillary Curran $35.00
Tara Curran $10.00
Cindy Fraser $100.00
Conor Fraser $35.00
Meghan Fraser $35.00
Patricia Kramer $35.00
Stephanie Lennox $40.00
Kari Pinasco $35.00
Rachel Pinasco $10.00
Dana Price $55.00
Lauren Sawyer $35.00
Jody Shipley $55.00
Joe Streeks $40.00
Alan Zubrod $65.00
Mary Jo Zubrod $35.00
Team Gifts $250.00
Denotes a Team Captain