The Hope is in the Science

Fiesta 5K 2019

2019 Fields Road El School Run Club


We are the 2019 Fields Road Run Club. We are 2nd - 5th graders training to run a 5k race while raising awareness and funds to help find a cure for ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Some of us have never run a 5k race before and some of us have. We are super excited to learn about the fundamentals of running, sportsmanship, and being a part of a team but equally as important is having our coaches teach us about philanthropy, giving back and running for those who cannot including our team honorees, Steve B., who lives with ALS and Steve J. who unfortunately fought a long hard battle with this horrific disease. 

We hope you will join us today with a donation to our team's beneficiary, the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins.  

To support our team go to:


Thank you so much!


The 2019 Fields Road Elementary School Run Club participants

 Stacey Goldsamt - Head Coach/parent volunteer
Riley S. - Assistant Coach
Hayden G., Justin M., and Dylan S. - Junior coaches





2019 Fields Road El School Run Club Raised
Stacey Goldsamt $35.00
Ariana Bell $35.00
Gavin Berry $35.00
Carter Brady $35.00
Hudson Brady $35.00
Matt Brady $40.00
Meagan Brady $40.00
Reid Brady $10.00
Khriztian Burriss $35.00
Sami Chowdhury $35.00
Shahriar Chowdhury $40.00
Suzie Connelly $35.00
Nathanel Dagni $35.00
Rodeny Givens $35.00
Dan Goldsamt $35.00
Eliana Goldsamt $35.00
Hayden Goldsamt $35.00
Landon Goldsamt $35.00
Joseph Graldo Cabrera $35.00
Ellie Lin $35.00
Nancy Lin $100.00
Nicholas Mabon $35.00
Harrison Meade $35.00
Hunter Meade $35.00
Kellie Meade $40.00
Adina Monti $35.00
Alexander Monti $40.00
Sienna Orlando $35.00
cinzia Portillo $35.00
Emilio Portillo $35.00
Leonardo Portillo $35.00
Kaim Rodgers $35.00
Wesley Samimi $35.00
Alexis Smith $35.00
Dylan Smith $35.00
Kevin Smith $35.00
Riley Smith $35.00
Humaira Syeda $35.00
Irmak Tanali $35.00
Melisa Tanali $85.00
Melisa Tanali $40.00
Alex Trabucco $40.00
Desi Trabucco $35.00
Javi Trabucco $35.00
Joe Trabucco $40.00
Charles Yessaian $50.00
Melanie Yessain $35.00
Team Gifts $840.00
Denotes a Team Captain