The Hope is in the Science

Fiesta 5K 2019

Big Walt & Mike

Welcome to the page for Team Big Walt and Mike. We are excited to have your support!

Here is our family's story:

Two families, connected at first in 2006 by marriage and unexpectedly in 2010 by ALS, formed Team Big Walt and Mike to honor three amazing men - Walt and Anthony Sulewski, two brothers who passed away before the original Team Big Walt was formed, and Mike Pohorylo, who succumbed to the disease in 2013. The Fiesta 5K serves as an important inflection point each year to remember these men, and to raise awareness about the burden of ALS and the need for research to find a cure. The Packard Center has been such an inspiration that when Mike's wife Diane wrote Papa is on the Moon to chronicle his life and death with ALS through a child's eyes, Dr. Rothstein wrote the forward and proceeds of the book benefit the Center. To learn more about the book, visit http://bellastoriapress.com/product/papa-is-on-the-moon. 

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Big Walt & Mike Raised
Rick Tucker $35.00
Karen Ernst $35.00
Brody Haugh $40.00
Reese Haugh $40.00
Jax Lucke $10.00
Jennifer Lucke $35.00
John Lucke $35.00
Kassie O'Ney $35.00
Ryan O'Ney $35.00
Tim O'Ney $35.00
Adam Pohorylo $10.00
Alex Pohorylo $10.00
Diane Pohorylo $625.00
Michael Pohorylo $55.00
Morgan Pohorylo $85.00
Catherine Rivers $40.00
Ireland Rivers $40.00
Jane Rivers $40.00
Chris Sulewski $140.00
Karen Sulewski $50.00
Brian Tucker $545.00
Colin Tucker $10.00
David Tucker $40.00
Jase Tucker $10.00
Katie Tucker $40.00
Megan Tucker $35.00
Nancy Tucker $35.00
Owen Tucker $10.00
Team Gifts $425.00
Denotes a Team Captain