The Hope is in the Science.

2018 Fiesta 5K

Moving ForWARD

Team Moving ForWARD is running the Fiesta 5K in loving memory of Ward Smith, who we lost to ALS in May 2017. Ward was diagnosed in 2014, and faced the disease with unimaginable courage and dignity. He refused to let ALS rob him of his wit, passion, and generosity, and embraced everything life had to offer. He found moments of joy even in the darkest times, and ended each day with a thankful heart for the love that surrounded him. Like Lou Gehrig, he considered himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. 

In honor of Ward's generous spirit, we are committed to fight for a cure for ALS, for all those who still have time. 

Moving ForWARD Raised
Claire Smith $2,010.00
James Doyle $50.00
Danielle Glick $40.00
Michael Golden $120.00
Wil Herpel $40.00
annie Hutchinson $40.00
Claire Hutchinson $65.00
Brett Kozloski $40.00
lynn kozloski kozloski $40.00
Maggie Kozloski $40.00
paul kozloski kozloski $40.00
Rachel Kozloski $40.00
Gary Krakauer $40.00
Heide Krakauer $40.00
Brady Locher $0.00
Katherine Smith $160.00
Kathleen Sweeney $40.00
Rosewin Sweeney $40.00
Team Gifts $920.00
Denotes a Team Captain