The Hope is in the Science.

2017 Fiesta 5K

Kathys Angels

While we lost our friend, mother, gigi, aunt, sister, sweetie, to ALS; she still is in our hearts.

Please join the team to walk or run or just do what you can to help defeat the disease.

The Hope is in the cure.


Kathys Angels - Join Team Raised
Ray HEIDEL $740.00
Ari Bennett $10.00
Jamie Bennett $40.00
Rachel Bennett $40.00
Rosie Bennett $10.00
Tage Bennett $40.00
Caye Ciabattoni $40.00
Franco Ciabattoni $40.00
Claudia Ferguson $40.00
David Ferguson $340.00
Suzanne Hesmar $140.00
Beth Huber $40.00
Chuck Huber $250.00
Kelsey Huber $40.00
Justine Roecker $40.00
Ronald Roecker $90.00
Tyler Sibol $40.00
Bob Wagner $40.00
Julie Wagner $60.00
Team Gifts $375.00
Denotes a Team Captain