The Hope is in the Science.

2017 Fiesta 5K

Do Run Run

Doris Rein Rosen was diagnosed with ALS in late 2010 and died in August of 2011. She was a hell of a woman. Smart, strong and loving, she was a whirlwind who was always on the go, interested in everything and everyone around her, and a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.

We formed Team 'Do Run Run' (based on Doris' initials) to help raise money to battle ALS. With your help, we've raised thousands of dollars over the past years. Equally important, we've had many good friends join us as we somehow make our way through 3.1 miles.

Please join us - donate, participate in the race,or watch from the sidelines - anything you can do is much appreciated. Doris lost her fight, but so many others are still fighting. Let's try and help them.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Stan Rosen
Steven and Meryl Rosen
Gary and Carol Rosen
Robbie Rosen and Adam Weissenberg

Daniel and Jenny Rosen
Andrew and Kasey Rosen
Ally and Paula Weissenberg

Do Run Run - Join Team Raised
Gary Epstein $40.00
Leslie Epstein $40.00
Ira Gottlieb $40.00
randee greenwald $40.00
Linda Liberto $40.00
Joshua Popkin $40.00
Jason Port $40.00
Rhett Reidpath $40.00
Andrew Rosen $40.00
Carol Rosen $40.00
Gary Rosen $40.00
Jenny Rosen $40.00
Kasey Rosen $140.00
Meryl Rosen $40.00
stanley rosen $40.00
mark sapperstein $40.00
stacy sapperstein $40.00
Karen Schulte $40.00
amy sussman $40.00
Rick Sussman $110.00
Corey Unangst $40.00
Miri Viselli $40.00
Leslie Walker $240.00
Robbie Weissenberg $240.00
Casey Wilson $40.00
Team Gifts $3,821.00
Denotes a Team Captain