The Hope is in the Science

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"You have ALS" is a very difficult diagnosis to receive - there is no  cure, and no really effective treatment.  Somehow Barb was able to stay upbeat and to appreciate the support she received from family, friends, and the many professionals who contributed their experience and expertise to helping her to the greatest extent possible. Sadly, she passed away from the effects of ALS in May, 2014.

The discovery of the C9ORF72 mutation and recent developments in molecular biology point to possible treatment approaches that just now, six years after her death, are finally moving into clinical trials.  But there is still a long way to go before this terrible disease can be succesfully treated.  The Packard Center at Johns Hopkins is one of the premier centers in ALS research.  Your contribution will move critical research ahead to make effective treatment a reality.  The hope really is in the science!

Thank you for your support!

Jim Lay