The Hope is in the Science

TEAM NELLY Alexandra Nelson

Dear Friends and Family,

For the past eight years Andy, Will and I have been participating in the Fiesta 5k in which all of the proceeds go to ALS research at Johns Hopkins.  This year with a heavy heart Will and I are participating without our Nelly.  As most of you already know, last June Andy lost his long battle with ALS, at the age of 44.  I promised Andy that I would participate in this race every year to help support the Packard Center find a cure for this debilitating disease. Every day, Andy fought to stay alive to have one more day with his family.  The night before last years race, Andy was having tremendous difficulty breathing.  I begged him to stay home from the race but he insisted that he needed to represent TEAM NELLY.  The next morning, we made to the race with a few minutes to spare which was always a great feat.  

Every year, I find it very difficult to be around so many families who have been affected by this horrible diesase.  ALS does not just affect the person who has it but it seeps deep into all family members lives and changes them forever.  A few years ago a woman came running up to me with a picture of her brother.  She waved it in front of my face and said "Thank you for raising money for ALS.  My brother pasted away just recently and I wanted to say thank you". Andy and I had met her brother in the docters office a month before he died.  I gratiously nodded my head but had difficulty responding knowing the reality was that someday I would be there with just picture of Andy.

Unfortunately, 2018 is the year I only have a photo of my sweet husband. There will be no Nelly pushing me to go to the race. I NEED YOUR HELP! Please join TEAM NELLY on May 5 for the Fiesta 5k.  If you cannot attend the race, please consider donating to TEAM NELLY. To really make a difference, I need people like you on my team to help raise funds for Robert Packard Center for ALS Research.

I thank you for all the help you have given me the past 7 Fiesta 5ks.  Please help Will and I to TIGER UP this year for TEAM NELLY and my NELLY.


Alex Nelson