The Hope is in the Science

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THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR TEAM!!!  All of us on Team Nelly are grateful for this day to honor our friend who we miss so much, Andy Nelson.  He should be here, as he did for so many years, raising money and ALS awareness along with us.  

In my life I never imagined I would know anyone with ALS and now in a few short years my family has watched two friends battle.  Mike Morin, I honor you this day along with Andy.  Mike and his wife Yolanda still battle every day.  I can do so little but honor them this day and ask you to help me rasie money for RESEARCH!! 

For all of you who know Alex and knew Andy through me, please know we are so grateful that you are helping us continue to raise money for research and remain a fundraising leader for the Fiesta 5K!

Thank you!!!!!!!!