What is ALS?
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About Team Packard

In 2004, Northport High School biology teacher David Deutsch was diagnosed with ALS. Students of Northport High School in Northport, NY rallied behind him and created a grassroots fundraising effort called A Midwinter Night’s Dream (AMND). To date, the student’s effort has raised just over 3 million dollars in the fight against ALS. David’s legacy as a teacher was to allow students to dream, inspire them to reach goals, and push them to believe that nothing was impossible. David believed that students have the power to change the world. Northport High School and AMND are proof that students can make a difference. David’s legacy grows in every student at Northport High school and we believe his ideology can be spread to other students and school districts.

AMND has always worked closely with the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins, collaborating as funding partners and with internship placements. Team Packard is a natural progression of this successful partnership. Team Packard takes the successful philanthropy model created at Northport High School and opens it up to schools and groups across the country. The goal of Team Packard is to empower students to make a difference in the fight against ALS and to promote service learning and collaboration amongst students and school communities in the program. To date, sixteen groups are currently hosting Team Packard events in the spring of 2015.


  • Team Packard will register schools to join Northport High School in the program.
  • Each school will be required to have at least one student leader and one faculty advisor.
  • Each school will organize and run one fundraising event in Spring 2015.
  • Each school will be given a website platform to use as an online fundraising tool for their Team Packard event.
  • Each school will work with Don Strasser and a team of mentors to help with their fundraising initiative.
  • Every dollar raised will be matched by the David Deutsch Donor Bank, a fund created to inspire students to make a difference.

Benefits to the School

  • Raise awareness for ALS in your school community.
  • Engage students in service learning and helping others in need.
  • Connect students with other students nationally in a collaborative team effort.
  • Potential to qualify a student for the Packard Scholars Internship Program, a five week residential summer program at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Recognized at a Team Packard presentation ceremony at the Packard Center’s Fiesta 5K in Baltimore, MD.
  • Recognized on all Team Packard media press releases and publications.